• If IV sedation was used, do not drive or operate machinery for 24 hours.


• Immediately after surgery bite down on the supplied gauze for 15-20 minutes to stop any active bleeding.
• Slight bleeding is common for as long as 24 hours after surgery. If this becomes heavy, place a new piece of gauze for an additional 15-20 minutes and bite firmly.
• If bleeding is heavy and will not stop, please contact the office.


• Post-operative pain is usually worst the night of surgery and will slowly decrease over the next three to four days.
• Tylenol #3 is usually prescribed for pain. Please note that Tylenol #3 contains Tylenol and additional Tylenol should not be taken.
• Over the counter ibuprofen can be taken in addition unless you are unable to take NSAID’s.
• It is best to stagger the dosing of Tylenol #3 and Ibuprofen. They can both be taken every 6 hours. Therefore, take either Tylenol #3 or Ibuprofen every three hours.


• If sutures were placed they are resorbable and do not have to be removed.
• Sutures will normally come out 3-4 days after surgery.
• Sutures will occasionally come out the night of surgery. Unless associated with heavy bleeding, we do not replace these sutures.


• The day of surgery, the diet should be very soft and room temperature or cooler, to help prevent bleeding.
• After the first day, any food temperature is alright, but harder foods should be avoided for several days.